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When you've invested in a new building the last thing you want is an over-run on cost.  Or an under-run on quality.  You want the project to go according to specifications, according to price.  Delivered on time, with no surprises. That's why so many people have chosen Telford's pre-engineered metal building systems over the past 15 years.

Telford's TOTAL CONTROL process ensures you get what you ask for.  A modern industrial plant, farm or storage shed, or domestic garage that is both efficient and economical...a highly functional building that will enhance your productivity - and your reputation. Telford's TOTAL CONTROL system is a complete in-house package that includes architect design, CAD plans and all manufacture and delivery (we have our own transportation fleet and specially-trained drivers). We even roll our own steel to ensure total quality and cost control.

When you buy a Telford's Buliding Systems structure you buy quality and with Telford's Buliding Systems you get quality advice on all matters from building design, planning, building approval and construction.

So our Total Control system not only includes all this but behind the scenes we rollerform all our purlins, cladding and rain water goods, batch all our own concrette

No other building systems manufacturer goes to such length to ensure quality and cost control over the whole job. By rolling our own steel we cut out 'middleman' cost, ensure the correct 'just in time' production scheduling and prevent wastage.  Other manufacturers order stock lengths - some will charge you for the wasted off-cuts.

Telford's can give your factory or office front a stylish look all of it's own.  With our vast expirience in our subdivisions in Shepparton and on the Gold Coast we can help customers to maximize yeild on htere investments through building design.

We can custom design fascias, awnings etc as well as mix and match a total of 20 available colours.  Ridge capping, flashing etc is colour co-ordinated with the main building as part of the overall package.

Little wonder you'll find Telford's Building Systems in use throughout Australia, exported to other countries including Vanuatu, Fiji, and Papa New Guinea. 

Whether you want a giant warehouse, farm shed or garage, Telford's can save you time, money, and headaches.

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Telford's Building Systems Industrial Subdivision

Property Development

Telford's Building Systems have two main building estates to which you can purchase land or shed and land packages. Telford Drive Estate is located in Victoria and the Lions Park Industrial Estate is located in Queensland.


Telford Drive Estate is a new industrial estate located in Shepparton. With lot sizes ranging from 2010m² to 5306m² the perfect site is waiting for you. Stages 3 & 4 are NOW SELLING. Don't miss this chance to get the perfect site at the right price.

  • All boundary measurements are approximate and are to be used as a guide only.

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Site Number


Site Number Measurements
1 2881m² 39 2041m²
2 2807m² 40 2041m²
8 2692m² 41 2041m²
9 2471m² 42 2512m²
13 2546m² 43 2418m²


2582m² 44 2418m²


3832m² 45 2418m²


2579m² 46 5306m²
32 2579m² 47 4525m²
34 2498m² 48 2100m²
35 3179m² 49 2100m²
36 2955m² 50 2100m²
37 2940m² 51 2100m²
38 2940m² 52



An exciting new industrial estate located halfway between the Gold Coast and Brisbane is now ready for development.

If you require large attractive lots with easy access to the major highways then the Lions Park Industrial Estate is just what you are looking for. With lot sizes ranging from 2079m to 23,826m the perfect site for your business is just waiting for you.

  • Stage One Now Selling and ready for immediate development.

  • All boundary measurements are approximate and are to be used as a guide only.

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Site No Measurements Site No Measurements Site No   Measurements
1 23826m² 27 2661m² 53 2880m²
2 4055m² 28 2263m² 54 2880m²
3 3234m² 29 4510m² 55 2280m²
5 3264m² 30 3990m² 56 2280m²
6 3203m² 31 3990m² 57 2880m²
7 3060m² 32 36340m² 58 5288m²
8 3376m² 33 3672m² 59 4300m²
9 4353m² 34 4886m² 60 3937m²
10 5010m² 35 6486m² 61 5324m²
11 4204m² 36 6683m² 62 5548m²
12 10751m² 38 3339m² 63 5591m²
13 4869m² 41 2079m² 64 5802m²
14 5391m² 42 2407m² 65 3297m²
15 5743m² 43 7277m² 66 3664m²
16 4400m² 44 2419m² 67 3680m²
17 6844m² 45 2254m² 68 3357m²
18 3749m² 46 2254m² 69 4653m²
19 3460m² 47 2259m² 70 4541m²
20 3694m² 48 2509m² 71 4430m²
21 7892m² 49 7442m² 72 4319m²
22 8017m² 50 3840m² 73 4133m²
24 2881m² 51 3840m²
26 2881m² 52 3977m²